Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Modern Man's Hustle

Tuesday. What a flippin' day Tuesday is.
Boring enough that it drags. Busy enough that it's not as laid back as a Thursday or Friday.
So I can't exactly vtunnel (www.vtunnel.com for those of you who have internet security at work) my way through the web & all it has to offer.
I recently got switched from one account to another account at work. This one has an easier process on the claims that are handled but the volume is INSANE. The insurance company is one that is easily recognized if I mentioned their name and I'm handling a good chunk of all the auto insurance claims they have nationwide. That's right nationwide. So I'm pretty much pummeled with claims non-stop from the time I get in here until the time I leave (10:30am-7:00pm).
The switch happened yesterday in the morning and I had no idea. They had to wait until certain managers (my previous managers to be exact) were gone & go up to the VP of claims & tell them they needed me on their team.
Job security I suppose if I want to look at it that way. I mean, I should feel good about my work product if managers are fighting over me to be on their team, right!?
Whatever. Enough about work.
How about a fun anecdote from my personal life... Let's see... Oh, yeah! I'm broke as hell. Recently got bent over for $480 by the City of Chicago Department of Revenue for parking habits that they don't exactly consider legal. There was a whole mix up in which they were sending the notices to my parents house and my brother's name was on them for some reason. God, this is boring too...

There's really nothing to type about on this space here. Seems I'm just bored.
I'm pretty psyched for the weekend. Simply because I won't be working and payday is Friday.
The girlfriend is meeting the sister tonight so I suppose there will be more to this little area tomorrow... Not to mention that I will have more time to fuck around at work without constantly looking over my shoulder to see who is hovering over me with a question about a claim while I fill up this space with sad, boring, self-loathing bullshit.

All smiles!

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