Friday, October 9, 2009

The last time I saw you we split a pitcher or two at some hillbilly bar...

The above line is from a song by a Chicago punk band The Falcon.
Amazing stuff.
It continues as such "Your heart was so shattered. Your hair was all greasy and long and your eyes were all hard. I remember saying to dump your girlfriend she was making both of us sick. It's not a lot but it's what I got. It's harder and harder to stick to the script." This song is called "The Unicorn Odyssey" and it's a real winner.
I don't know what the person who penned this gem (who I'm going to assume it was Brendan Kelly who, to my understanding, is the chief songwriter for this band) meant when this was put to paper but it really strikes me in a unique (maybe) way.
Looking at the end of that little blurb he says "It's getting harder to stick to the script." The way I interpret that is he's having a beer with his bud & the small talk is done. There's no "sticking to the script" here anymore. That relates (again, in my eyes) to the line that is said before that in which the writer tells his friend to dump his girlfriend. I mean, that's taking a page out of a book other than the small talk among friends handbook, amirite?!
I feel like everyone has and/or has had that friend that they wish they could tell that to, right? "Dude, this chick is a royal bitch. I can't stand her and I know there's no way in hell you can. Set her free, man." Now I wonder how many people that have that buddy actually say that to said buddy. I know I never would. I mean, I'd dole out advice if they were fighting explaining that it's probably best they part ways and I have done that... But to come right out & say it. Can't do it. Fine, I'll say it. I don't have balls... But there's a part of me that feels like that's not my business... It's like the risk v. reward is slightly uneven on this one.

Risk - Friend gets pissed tells you to fuck yourself & just doesn't talk to you until 1) him & chick break up 2) you come around, learn to love the girlfriend (since she makes your friend "happy") and apologize.
Reward - He dumps her and is back to his awesome pre ball and chain, bachelor self.

Don't think I'm gonna risk it.. Honestly, I'm not the one that has to live with her and/or bone her and what not, right?

Anyway, now he lives with her & they're going to go on and (maybe) live happily ever after... Awesome. I gotta grow a pair & tell him I hate her. Or just shit talk them to my girlfriend that I CAN stand and DOES make me happy & is not hated by all my friends... Or is she...??? Noooooooooo, I'm sure they all love her.

Oh, and speaking of which she made a delicious wheat meat stroganoff. Man, I've got leftovers for lunch at work today. Can't wait... Creamy deliciousness... This vegetarian thing would probably really put a strain on dinner time if I wasn't a fat pig that is happy to eat almost anything/everything.

Let's get a pitcher later & I can tell you I hate your girlfriend.

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