Monday, October 5, 2009

Can't be bothered...

The Olympic research ain't happening.
Fuck it. We lost the bid and came in last at that.
I don't have internet at home as I've just moved & cancelled Comcast during my last move as they seem to be the royal kings of douchery. Therefore, lack of research materials is what I'm blaming my latest failure on. Perfect.
This weekend went by quick. I was pretty busy with moving. Lots of packing/unpacking done.
The new place is fantastic though, so there's that...

So my best friend (who I've known since we were like 5 years old) proposed to his girlfriend over the weekend. She said yes. Man, this kid was nervous as shit and had actually talked himself into believing that she may say "no." Needless to say she did not. She said yes. He had asked her dad for his approval before hand and had done all that... Sweet, innit?
So now it begins.
My other friend has recently gotten engaged to his pregnant girlfriend... Lil backwards some people may think. Me? What do I care?
All this growing up going on around me. It makes me wonder... Do I even want to ever get married? Could I/would I want be with ONE person for the rest of my life. Call me foolish but I still believe that marriage is a sacred thing so if I'm marrying someone it better be right because I'm only doing that shit once!
But do I think that it's for me!? Can I really be a husband!? I don't even know if I can live with a girl and not want to go all Jerry Springer or COPS on her ass and start throwing shit around. Okay, that's an exaggeration and I know that I'm not turning in to a wife beating asshole. I feel like maybe it's a bit my own insecurities like "Could SHE put up with me for the rest of OUR lives!?" Nah... That's ludicrous I'm awesome...
I don't know I guess in the long run I understand the concept. Wanting to be with one person for the rest of your life. I just wonder if dudes that get married aren't just thinking "I want to make sure that this chick can't get filled (in theory) by any other dudes beside me." Which, is a good enough sentiment, right? I mean that shows that this dude is crazy enough about this girl that he wants to make sure that he doesn't lose her to someone mom and dad approve of more/all the other girls wanna ride/better looking/better in bed/funnier (and trust me he's out there) than him. Am I missing the point a bit?
Then there's the thing of having kids. That's probably a whole separate entry. I can't fathom that concept. Looking at someone and thinking "I wanna take all the good/shit/mildly annoying things about myself combine them with all the amazing/irritating/jealousy inducing things you do between sex and cut that in half and cross are fingers this thing doesn't come out to be a total prick. Oh, and the kid will probably just resent you in the end because you're the opposite of fun & want to make sure he/she doesn't have too much of it. Jesus. Am I taking the wrong angle on this kid thing?
Ah fuck it. I've got a while to figure it out, no!?

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