Monday, October 26, 2009

Adventures in cat sitting.

The weekend is over.
Glorious weekend. You came. You left. All too quickly. Well the leaving was done too quickly at least.
Now it's Monday. Work is busy & I'm feeling a general sense of anxiety. I have no reason to be anxious about anything really. I'm just tired & punished my body/mind/soul this weekend with all the drinking and lack of sleep. My girlfriend is leaving to visit her fam in WI. It's the brother's birthday. I'm watching her place and taking care of her cat Jesus. It'll be odd chilling there alone but relaxing also. I may head down to a nice little dive bar by her place tonight & grab a couple mini pitchers & catch the craptastic Monday Night Football game. Although, there's beer in her fridge & I should probably save the $.

Back to that anxiety it's really brought on by the holidays, my birthday (big 2 6) and all the hustle/bustle that comes along with that. I've got all these gifts I'm going to have to buy and no money to really buy them with. I think I'm going to start real soon and buy this shit in waves so it doesn't hurt the wallet so much. I've already got my dad's gift in mind. Best Buy gift card. Done. He'll love it. It'll be exactly what he wanted. I've picked out the girlfriend's as well & while we've been dating for only like 3 months I think I've got a pretty good idea of her style and what she finds repulsive & what she finds cute. I really think I hit the nail on the head with this one. I think she'll love it.

As far as the weekend that past weekend (holy jumping around with no clear timeline, batman) goes, it was a great success! Caught a concert on Saturday. The Lawrence Arms at Cabaret Metro. Went with the girlfriend and we were an absolute shit show. The show was amazing & taped for a DVD and all that. This is good because there are parts that are VERY blurry... Ugh.
Had a good time though.
There was a bit of a argument that was talked through and all is well. Not really an argument. A bit of a break down in communication, maybe. Regardless, with sober eyes it's realized that all is well.

Sunday was football day. Man, did that blow! The Bears really got their shit pushed in. It was hard to watch. It DID NOT help my hangover from the previous nights concert at all. The Bears really looked like they were just out played and out coached on EVERY single level.

But then it was "family night" as I've dubbed it.
My room mate and I cooked. We were helped by a third party that may not have been as clueless as we are in the kitchen but for the most part I think we could have gotten through it ourselves. I think we're going to make a habit of cooking for ourselves. Definitely saves money and is better for you (maybe) as you can regulate exactly what you put in there. I have recently learned that I really enjoy cooking. So I suggested their be "family night" every Sunday night & we pick a new recipe or some shit and get the ingredients during the week & then cook something as a "family." I think it could be fun. I mean, it's after a full day of football watching & drinking but I enjoy it.
Last night we made a garlic/lime stuffed chicken.
It was breaded chicken breast stuffed with cheddar and cream cheese. Then covered with a butter/lime/garlic sauce. Mashed potatoes and corn with that. It wasn't bad. The chicken may have sat in the oven about 5 minutes too long as some of the pieces are a tad dry. But just a tad and still very edible. So, worse things could have happened.
I think I'm going to pick the recipe for this week and would like to make a shepard's pie. I'm going to look for an easy recipe, get the ingredients and probably want to figure out a side dish to make with that as well. A casserole maybe? This is shaping out to actually not be healthier at all, eh?

Well, I've got work to finish & this is getting lengthy.
But upon recapping my weekend I notice that it was a really great one.
Anxiety absolutely alleviated. This blog has served it's purpose.


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