Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adventures in cat sitting... Part II

Poor bastard.
That Jesus. He seems really sad. Well, not really sad because he gets his food and gets pet and whatever but he was kinda just laying around like "Yeah, I know you, but you're not who I REALLY want to see here." I mean, I gave him a bunch of attention. I even left up the toilet seat for him (don't tell his mom, seems I'm not supposed to do that) albeit by accident but hey, I think he got a kick out of it while it lasted... He was laying on me practically all night while I was laying in bed watching a wonderful movie that I'm probably going to mention in this space a bit later. So it was cool while I was watching the movie but then I was ready to sleep & there had to be a compromise made. He moved to the foot of the bed and we were okay. I may have kicked him in the night a couple times but nothing terrible. Fed him this morning and was outta there...

Other than cat sitting I went for a run last night. This is something I used to do all the time. I was a single dude worried about staying in shape. Well, now I'm not so single anymore. Not being a bachelor changes a bunch of things. I eat pretty regularly. Gone are the nights of 7 beers for dinner. It's cool but I now have noticed I'm getting a bit robust. This isn't on purpose. Not like "I found my girlfriend and now am just going to let myself go." Not that at all... It's probably really the other way round. Like, alright tubby when your girlfriend met you she wasn't dealing with this beer belly here... You really gonna stick her with it now? So long story short went running last night. First time in a LONG time. I clocked 2.34 miles if I'm trusting mapquest to be at least somewhat accurate. Holy shit. I feel so damn out of shape. Firstly, it was not an easy go at it. Very tired, very quickly. Secondly, I'm sore today. Okay, I used to run nightly. There was no doubt about it. I would probably get through about 4-6 miles pending every night. I'd always be a bit sore, sure... But not even half of what I was doing maybe 8 months ago & I'm sore as hell. Ugh. That sucks.
So I'm really going to try and stick with this. Definitely going running tonight & will really try to keep myself at about 4-5 days a week. This will probably be a bit trickier when the girlfriend is not out of town as I'm presented with going to hang out with her right away or gearing up for a couple miles first. I think I can work it out though.
I've also brought my lunch today. Oh yeah, not stopping at running. I'm going to start watching what I eat, too. Although, I did make a pit stop before work at McD's for breakfast. It's a work in progress. Heh.

Now, last night I was watching this documentary, "The Cats of Mirkitani." It is about a Japanese-American artist who is homeless and living on the streets of New York. Dude is 80 years old when the filming took place in 2001 and was originally released in 2006. Long story short, this dude is an amazing artist. His subjects are cats and also "camps." The camps referenced are internment camps that they put Japanese-Americans in during WWII. Even citizens, which Mirikitani was. I myself am half Japanese. My grandparents had an experience with internment camps so it may be that this film appeals to more than it would to others but honestly I think it's a great watch. Also, "Jimmy" Mirikitani has quite an interesting narrative to provide when certain events take place (think about something really huge that happened in 2001. September-ish.) that resemble his own past. I thought it was great. Absolutely moving. When you usually find yourself watching "Old School" and "Tommy Boy" all the time I guess the bars not super high, is it? Look, I'm no Ebert but I like the fucking movie, k. Geez.

I don't even know why this thing is so cat-centric today.
I'm going to lunch in a bit. I'm done with this for the day.
Happy ham sandwich to me.

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