Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Wow. Hungover again.
I think that says something, eh?
Regardless I'm having one of those days in which I thought it was going to be the worst day in life & it turned out to be pretty damned good. Not bad.

First, I slept in. See my girlfriend lives in Lakeview and Chicago loves to charge $4 for 2 hours of parking. Well, from 9pm-8am there's no charge at these metered spots. Therefore, when staying at her place I should be up and out at, no later than, 8am. I have been ticketed before & many a morning I watch the little meter person ruining peoples days with their little ticket book. So, I know they monitor this & know that paying these tickets is no fun... Yet, I slept in today. Yep. 8:45am I was still laying in bed with the girl. And that in itself is awesome. I woke up, said my goodbyes and felt a little jealous when I closed the door & knew she'd be rolling over and going back to sleep as she works til close tonight.

Then I get to my car... Honestly I started walking the wrong way down the street. I was parked the other way but that drive home from last night was kinda fuzzy... Oops. But, I got to my car and amazingly that windshield/driver window was ticket free. Ahhhhhh. Nice.

Now, I'm driving back to my place to get all business casual'd up for work. I needed a quick shower & then to head right out. I don't live super close to my girlfriend so there was definitely a problem posed there as I was driving back to my apartment at about 9:00am when I have to get home, get showered and then drive to Rolling Meadows to get to work at 10:30am.
I got showered/dressed/ready and it was 9:50. Alright. A little late I may be but it won't be the end of the world.
Nope, traffic was AMAZING! I even had time to stop at McDonald's for breakfast.
Got to work. Ate it at my desk & by the time I finished it was THEN 10:30am and time to clock in & start getting my shit done.

Man. I'm in a great mood today and the reasons above would usually probably be cancelled out by this headache and slight case of the beer shits I have from drinking last night. But, I will not be brought down. I'm having a great day.

Tonight the girl works til close so it's just roommate bonding night. Tomorrow is pumpkin carving and I can't wait to get me some delicious oven roasted pumpkin seeds... Mmm Mmm.

Oh, and this space wouldn't be complete without some complaining so....
I did forget to wear a belt today in my rush out of the house. I look like a complete tool with my nice shirt tucked into my freshly pressed pants with... NO BELT? Am I a savage?

Ta ta!

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