Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I feel like I'm stuck in Office Space.
No shit.
Around my work they are selling this stupid concept of fun at work. I work as an insurance claims adjuster and sit behind a computer inside my cubicle for 8 hours a day. I have people yelling at me and just generally being pissed off because a) they've been in a car accident and b) have to relive the entire shitty experience with me via questions I have to ask and information I have to gather. Honestly, the idea of "fun" at work is really out the window once I sit down and that first call comes in.

So back to the point. TEAM. This is the drivel that is being pushed down our throat now. That stands for "Together Everyone Achieves More." Vomit inducing, no?
So there's a fun committee at my work and I get that they're trying to make things fun and plan things to get people out of the office & mingling over a beer and burger at a forest preserve near our office. This type of thing then, however, turns in to a sort of forced fun. In which you realize you have absolutely nothing in common with these people and end up just talking about work anyway.

I'm getting off track again, though. So, the fun committee has decided that we should get ready for football season!! This will be fun. Get everyone into a TEAM spirit. So, now beside talking to these people that absolutely hate my guts daily I have to make time to color (with a box of fucking Crayola's) a cheerleader, football helmet, football on a tee, a referee and the best yet a football jersey with our company's logo on it.
That football jersey wasn't originally in the mix but a co-worker of mine drew it up and made some copies.

As if being a drone sitting at a cubicle all day taking calls, making calls and the best one, answering calls of the people who aren't answering their phone and are over at the vending machine gossiping about who's boning who. Now I'm reduced to the work of a child. Coloring.
What did I do today? Got yelled at by some asshole who's car isn't repaired yet and generally stayed inside the lines. AWESOME!

I've had enough today. And there's only about 7 hours to go.
Uh, I give up.

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