Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Out of Touch

That's what I am today, man.
Lemme tell ya. Nothing will leave you more out of touch than coming to work on a Tuesday after braving the great, uncharted north. In this case, Plymouth, WI. That's the girls hometown. And man, does everybody know each other and there business up there.
I'm happy to report that not too many people knew of me before hand. This makes me happy because that means that my current "significant other" is removed enough to not be including in the daily shit talking that goes on over there.... Or, I should be worried because I'm not even worth mentioning to the point that she IS indeed still involved and active in the shit talking that is what they do there & I'm just not worth mentioning. I'm pretty sure it's that first thing, though.

4 days off from my job has left me with quite a bit to do. Amazing. When someone else is absent from work I am amazingly behind because I'm making sure that they are covered while being out. When I come back from being absent I'm amazingly behind because nobody tended to my files. This makes me wonder... Am I the designated cleaner for absent people and just don't know about it? Oh well... Probably better no one else gets in to my files. It'll only lead to me walking up to the desk to ask exactly what the fuck they are doing on the file................

Back to being out of touch. I'm gone for one weekend and that dude from "Ghost" HE GONE! WTF man!? Oh, and apparently Kanye West likes to humiliate young country music starlets... This, depending on who you're talking to around my work, may or may not be that big of a deal. I can assure you right now that this does not even register on my radar for the day today. I'm really just looking forward to getting the hell out of here & taking the lady to dinner by her place. Japanese. Can't wait.

In closing there was a buzz around the office in my absence...
I set my out of office auto reply stating that I will be returning on Sept 8th, 2009. That's incorrect. It should have been Sept 15th, 2009. So I got to wade through not only 100+ e-mails actually related to my job but an odd 30 something to notify me of the error in my out office auto reply in Microsoft Outlook.

Ugh. It's off to lunch for me.
This means I'm going to sit at a table in the lunchroom nose buried in a book, and while you would think this would be enough of a sign to people passing through that maybe I don't want to be bothered with the latest gossip of who made out after getting drunk on Friday, I can assure you that someone will attempt it.
"You read, Jim!?"
I understand that when we go out for drinks I get stupid and slam Rumple Minze sometimes two at a time but that does not make me a total ass clown. Yes. I can read. I enjoy it and find it pleasurable. I enjoy it MUCH MORE than speaking to you about Linda's crazy short skirt today. Kindly fuck off.


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