Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mr. Happy Guy

That's me.
Today is my Friday.
I'm retreating to WI tonight. Off work at 6pm. I'm packing in a hurry and cleaning out the car. I am making the voyage with the girlfriend and her cat, Jesus.
Jesus is pronounced like that long haired dude that has a tie-in with the Easter bunny that I haven't figured out yet.
Anyway Jesus, the girlfriend and myself will be taking the lovely trip up to WI tonight at about 10pm (hopefully) after she gets off work.
The reason for the trip to WI is to attend a wedding. My girl is a bride's maid & I know no one. I really am indifferent about the wedding but anything that gets me a 4 day weekend is awesome in my book.
There is a football game that's being played on Sunday. Bears v Packers. I'm going to be in cheese country, the only person in the state rooting for the Bears. I NEED the Bears to win this game. I have already been talking shit to the girls parents and told them to spread it around from me. Apparently they have a nice set up in the basement, TV wise, and people come over to watch the game. So I'm sure my shit talking has made the rounds. Also, when we first met the girl told me that she's not really into football and does not have an affinity for any football team. Well, now that we're going to be watching this game on her territory she's suddenly a Packers fan. What? Regardless, I am going to be in for a world of hurt should the Bears shit down the side of their leg during this game.

Here's to hoping.
If the game starts going south early I'll just get drunk. Problem with that is I don't wanna be a shit show in front of the girls parents, right?!
Ugh. Lose, lose.
Regardless, I mustn't complain. Again, 4 day weekend!!!

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