Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holy Shnikes!

Back to the grind of the office.
Nothing worse than starting it up after a 3 day weekend.
Especially when the weekend consist of drinking, grilling and drinking some more.
I didn't empty out any handles of liquor or anything but had enough to make sure that my head is just foggy enough to make this day hell...

Overall, the weekend was a success. I'm going to recap it in rewind

Went to a great bar last night as the girlfriend had a going away get together from her job.
The fun part is that I joined the group late and the was about 3-4 hours behind as far as the drinking goes. This means that all stories told were about 10 times funnier to everyone else than they were to me. Also, I seemed to be the only one with an idea of personal space. LOTS of close talking from the drunks. Again, not complaining. Had a great time. Tommy Boy was on Comedy Central and although there was no volume I knew every line in that movie. It's a classic, no?
Oh, and that singer dude from that one band Alkaline Trio was in the bar...

Sunday was chill. Slept in. Watched The Hangover with the roomie (twice) and threw the baseball around.
Then went out to Downers Grove and had a fantasy football draft with some good friends. Then high tailed it to the bar my girl no longer works at for a couple freebies. Her place. Sleep.

Saturday was the family bbq. I hitched a ride with the sis and therefore was able to pound as many beers as possible. Not much to speak of above and beyond that.

Absolutely boring, this post has become.

I'll provide an anecdote from the office in closing.
These are the kind of things that are discussed in an office.
Names have been changed to protect the idiotic.

Percy: Hey man, how's your day going?
Harvey: Fine. You wanna hear some bullshit?
Percy: Always.
Harvey: I was in the bathroom taking a shit, right. I really had to go bad so it was kind of explosive. Well, so I was kinda trying to be cool with the volume of it all but I let a pretty loud, wet fart out. Then someone else in the bathroom started laughing. Can you believe that? Some asshole was laughing at me.

I'm out.
Killed enough time at work today. We're actually pretty busy since yesterday was a day off.


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