Thursday, September 24, 2009

hi ho hi ho

Ugh. There's a client in the office today here at work.
Awesome! What this means is we are REQUIRED to look like lifeless drones staring at the screen & answering the phone in an unencumbered manner.
Good times.
So the little browser window in the bottom left of one of my monitors is probably not a good idea so I'm sneaking this in real quick here.

In talking last night with the girlfriend there was a discussion of journals, etc. She did ask if I was a blogger & told her I was. She knows about this blog now. So this is pretty much dead, eh? No offense, babe...
It's just that it's not innocent anymore. This blog has had it's first drink. It got a little tipsy after drinking some gatorade/vodka out of a McDonald's cup. Got really dizzy after sneaking it's first cigarette. It got talked into going over to the house while that the parents were away and maybe made some bad decisions. This blog is knocked up.
What I'm getting at is now that I consciously know there's someone out there reading this the content is no longer the dark side of my brain that I'm unloading without consequence. Because, honestly, if I wanted to come on here & complain about my ole lady that's not really going to happen anymore, amirite?! I guess funny anecdotes like the last post will still be prevalent but I feel a change in this space already. Because, it's human nature, right? I mean once you know there's an audience out there you start performing to some extent. Even if it be sub consciously. Well, I'm going to do my best to keep this thing 100% organically grown honestness.

This whole worry is probably irrelevant because, honestly, we weren't really having any breakthroughs, right!? Tales of office boredom and weekend cocktail consumption can only be compromised so much, right?

Time to put on a smile and do my best robot at a computer impression...


Don't recognize that? That there is robot for have a good day.

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