Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You make me wanna...

Happy hangover.
Went out last night & kind of got at it a bit.
Was 10 minutes late to work and have a bit of a headache as a reward for trying to have fun during the week.
I signed a lease for the new apartment at the restaurant where we met the future landlord. He did not buy dinner. The place did not smell like old people and cottage cheese. Our waitress was cute. I did buy dinner for myself and the roommate. The landlord did not even eat. He ordered and iced tea and was going to have us review/sign the lease and then cut out only having ordered and consumed an iced tea. I felt kinda sheisty about this and decided a BLT club would be a good look. My roommate concurred and ordered one as well. At the end of the dinner the roommate looks into his wallet and says "Yep. Still empty." I bought dinner.

Back to my little personal hell for the day today.
Hungover with a faint, lingering headache.
Went to pick up the girlfriend last night from work and decided to consume a couple beers at her workplace before heading out to meet the roommate and his cousin in from out of town. It was fun. The company... Not the best. I love my roommate and have been to more than a few family dinners at his place. Love his family as well. However, I'm glad his cousin is not mine. I'm not a fan of having tool boxes as cousins. That's a dick thing to say, I guess. I mean the guy seemed to mean well. He just had story after story of how cool he is & what kinda shit he gets at in FL where he's from. I get that he wants to impress his younger cousin (my roommate) who he's visiting and doesn't see very often since he lives out of town. Here's an idea, though. Impress him by being yourself.
I don't know why I have such a bad attitude. Maybe it's because he observed something about my girlfriend, and this is a direct quote "Her eyes are so mesmerizing." *Covers eyes* "No, it's a sin. I can't look." I'm guessing this is a sin as he is married. Who knows.
Nah. That's not what did it. I'm not a jealous guy.
I don't know if it's a normal attitude to have but when dudes comment about my girl's attributes, physical or otherwise, I take it as a compliment. I realize it's sometimes dudes trying to hit on her in hopes of boning her, but that doesn't concern me. She wouldn't do that. So...... In turn I feel like that's a compliment as it's a reflection on my good taste. Quotes such as, "Hey you have beautiful eyes/a nice rack/an ass I could eat off of..." just kinda makes me feel like I've done a good job in picking out a looker. She gets A LOT of this also being that she works in the service industry and isn't a pig. So, good thing I have this attitude I suppose.

Uh. Enough.
I gotta go eat off my girlfriend's ass.

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