Friday, September 4, 2009

B Log

Friday night - 9:15pm.
I'm where any normal 25 year old would be...
Yep. Babysitting my sister's 3 kids.
Drinking some Miller Lite (out of the can) as this is all the sis is equipped with.
The excitement never ends.

There was a little douchery that took place. The youngest decided to savagely take a bite out of the oldest. There was a bit of a cool down time enforced.
Dunce cap handed out and the little guy was sent packing to the corner.
We laughed and pointed a bit and once everyone had their fun. Promises were made that, no matter how cool Mike Tyson made it look, there would be no more biting. We got back to running a pet store with a bunch of stuffed animals.
There are bears, whales, dolphins but no plastic horses...
I suggested that and it was met with an overall consensus from the children that it'd be ridiculous to have a horse in this pet store......

Good call, guys.
I apologized and they decided that I will just be the customer.

So, I have absolutely no idea what this blog is going to turn into and how often I will post it and if anyone above and beyond myself will even look at it.
I'm really hoping this can become a nice time waster at my 8 hour a day desk job.
I'm also hoping that none of my co-workers and/or managers stumble upon this.
But MAINLY I created this account so that I could post comments on a blog that I've been a long time reader of.
Also, the author is in a pretty kick ass punk rock band from Chicago, The Lawrence Arms.
I highly recommend the blog and/or the music.

For now I'm going to try to get these kids to sleep.
Then it's over the girlfriends place for my own sleep (after my sister and bro-in-law arrive. Just because I babysit these kids half hammered doesn't mean I'm negligent).

I just moved into a new apartment and things are a mess there. So I'm playing house with the girlfriend.
I have a bit of anxiety about having to get all my shit together at the new place & apparently am deciding to just avoid it. Labor Day weekend is the end of this. I WILL be getting my shit together there.
Also, I've only been dating this girl for about a month and a half and while things are going great I don't know that I want to push my luck with how many mornings she can wake up with this clown who is (for all intents and purposes) homeless, without getting sick of me.

Family BBQ tomorrow. Hitching a ride with my sis so I can a) get some kind of payment for this babysitting job and b) get really drunk and make my little brother look that much more of the responsible/smart/prudent/lame/lovable one.

Cheers and babies tears! It's bedtime for 'em.

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